Mixed in Key and Traktor Pro key lock?

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I'm using Mixed in key for key notation. Mixed in keys writes its keys into 'Key Text' field. I can display 'Key Text' field just fine. However, I also have Key lock turned ON. Does this mean, Traktor Pro 3.11 is still using 'Open Key' so i need to disable key lock?

I'm only using Mixed in key so i can keep both Traktor Pro and Rekordbox using the same keys. Rekordbox was easy because it writes it into the key field.



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    the "Key Text" field is just text information, you can write in there whatever you like, even non-key information if you want. the "Key" field is the only one that Traktor looks at for the Key Sync function, and it is restricted to valid keys in your system of choice (I am, for instance, using "Musical (all sharps)", so only those are allowed as values)

    As you can see, I have added the open key notation to the "Key Text" field, and that gets saved in the INITIALKEY field of the ID3 tag of the file. The content of the "Key" field is not stored in the track files, just in Traktor's database.

    So, whatever you have in the Key Text column will not be taken into consideration for key lock - if you have external programs that write to it, you will need to transfer these values to the Key column. You'd select all the tracks with "1A" in Key Text, for example, make sure analysis lock is off for all of them, then right click -> edit, set Key to 6m.

    If you disable key lock, you will not be using key lock :)

    edited to add: Traktor does not support Camelot (Mixed in Key) notation for the Key field (I'm guessing because MiK wants some sort of license fee for it)

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    Hi wayfinder,

    Many thanks for the explanation and It all makes sense. But what a bummer, i have to manually edit/update the Open Key field.

    Is this the closest to matching up Open Keys with MiK notations?

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    That looks about right!

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