Lots of Issues with Native Access 3

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Hi Everyone,

I've never had these amount of issues in previous versions. I mean of course I had issues in general with NA but not these amount. I am on Windows 10.

Here are the issues I am facing with NA 3 especially after I updated to the latest 3.8.0:

1) Stuck on "Loading Products" screen. (I have to manually kill the KTDaemon process everytime). Before v3, this only happened one or twice a month. Now, it's a lot!

2) Update always fails. I tried both methods, the updates tab and the library tab, both keeps failing.

3) Libraries missing every time I change a hard drive. I have two hard drives, Drive A and Drive B as a backup. Drive B is a mirror of Drive A using Robocopy so that when I plug Drive B, I have the same folder structure in place. In the old NA1, that was simply a matter of changing the drive path to both the NI Contents and NI Downloads and relocating all libraries at once. Now, in NA3, the relocate all doesn't work at all and I had to relocate each content separately.

4) Keeps losing connection while relocating each content separately. It suddenly wipes out the library list, keeps refreshing and waiting for 3 or 4 minutes until the list shows up again.

What I did:

1) Disabled all my Antivirus shields

2) Reinstalled NA like 8 times now

NI Folks please understand one thing. I am a working composer for 15 years now and earn a living from it. I am not a hobbyist at all and I have serious deadlines to meet. With that said, I really expect a timely response and working solution for all these problems.

Thanks a lot



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