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Hi guys trying to figure out my first mapping in Traktor. Recently bought the PLX CRSS12 PIONEER Turntable and would like to map them into Traktor rather than being limited to Serato or Rekordbox.

I have found a the midi map online, on the pioneer website (I've attached the pdf file as it wouldnt let me paste the link as new) but literally lost at sea with it.

I guess the first question is, does anybody bu chance have a mapping they have done (happy to pay for the mapping if you're willing to share) or if not, is there any info on how to map this? Or all else failing are there any keen mappers out there who fancy a mapping job?

Thanks in advance for your help guys!





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    The midi implementation from Pioneer is always 80-90% off. I don't know if they are making it in purpose or not but it proves not to be 100% reliable info.

    Secondly you won't have spinning platters as well. I don't think it is worth the trouble honestly but maybe someone who have access and tested the unit have better news for you. Good luck!

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    Hi Steven

    Ok thanks and no worries. I'm a vinylist as well and bought these to bring both worlds together.

    Thx anyway though

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