The License Transfer System Has Been Updated?

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I bought a used MK3 on Reverb and it has been weeks and I have not received the License Transfer.

The NI website still has chapter and verse about Transfers and I have looked at the relevant information as far as I can tell.

It seems fairly straight forward. The Seller initiates the transfer and things go from there.

Today, the Seller finally emailed me and said that he received a communication from NI Support:

"We recently updated our license system. The software supplements of the hardware will remain valid in your account.

We only transfer the hardware serial of the product and the next user will get new software serials once transferred."

The Seller today:

"So I can transfer the Maschine HW but it wont matter. The only thing I have in mine they said was transferable was the Maschine Jam HW license. You should be able to just plugin the controller and be working no problem. Thats what I did. Thank you"

So, has the License Transfer system been updated?

According to Support, the Seller should transfer the Hardware Serial and I should get the new software serials. Right?

But according to the Seller, I will never need to have anything in my account that says I am the legit owner of my MK3?

Updates, new software, etc. I will NEVER need to use a License again?

I have never owned any NI products and have found it tedious to get a definitive word on this.

Sounds strange to me

Thanks for any help.



  • Monochrome
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    Check out this thread:

    What the seller needs to give you is the License Transfer ID.

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    It’s easier if seller unregisters the hardware, then you can register it and get the software, the seller also keeps their software.

    Alternatively you email a copy of the receipt / eBay purchase etc to support and they will deregister it for you allowing you to register it.

    I bought a second hand Maschine mk3 from CEX in Uk (second hand store) and also bought s61 mk2 from someone on eBay. Both times I emailed proof to support and both times I was told they’ve now unregistered it and I can now go ahead,

    When I recently sold my s61 mk2, I just unregistered the hardware and all went smoothly.

    Once you register the serial number, you get the software it originally comes with.

    Heres part of the email from NI

    @ NI (Native Instruments) 


    The serial number of your hardware has been deleted from the former owner's user account. You can now register it under your name:

    Xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx-xxxxxx  KOMPLETE KONTROL S61 MK2 HW

    Please use Native Access to register the hardware:

    The software supplements belonging to the product will be assigned to your account within a few seconds after registration. You may need to refresh native access. The software will then be available for download in the "not installed" area in Native Access.

    Best regards,

    @ NI

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    Thank you to the above responders, but I have already read the NI Transfer process.

    ===> Buyer claims that NI Support told my Seller that the License Transfer process has recently changed.

    Has the Hardware Serial Transfer process changed?

    I asked him to please just do the Transfer.


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