Maschine Mk3 "wobbly" USB connection: should I open it up?

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I am the happy owner of an MK3 and have notice that the USB host connector is a bit loose, and occasionally the Mk3 drops out. With a bit of fiddling I can get it to reconnect to the SW.

When switching on my laptop while the USB cable is plugged in, I sometimes don't see the "Please start MASCHINE, CONTROLLER EDITOR or ..." message but just the simpler message. Again, a bit of fiddling restores the connection and all is fine.

I have this behaviour with any USB cable, so there is clearly something loose in there.

Question: should I open up the Mk3 and have a look if I can tighten/fix something or is that just mission impossible? I don't think I still have warranty given that I have had this for about 3 years...


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  • Jeremy_NI
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    @Warempel I'd definitely recommend contacting our hardware service, they might be able to tell you the best thing to do:

  • PK The DJ
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    If you don't have experience with electronics repairs or soldering, then I would suggest taking it to someone who has the tools and experience. You're likely to make matters worse by fiddling.

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    Thank you both!

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