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My Mac and Mirko(Maschine) was water damaged and I bought a used Mirko and Mac. My Mac is IOS Catalina 10.15.7 and I get an error message This package is incompatible with this version of macOS. damaged when I attempt to use the installation disk that came with my original Maschine Mikro. HELP! My water damaged MAC ran Snow Leopard.

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    I had a similar issue in my initial set up as I had a MacBook and a iMac from 2007 when I first set mine up. Your best bet is to update your Mac OS as high as it can go (my best results were high sierra at the time) The unfortunate news I found is that intel macs can run the latest downloader along with the New Komplete subscriptions which includes the latest version of battery whereas the older macs are unable to open and the older versions of battery are no longer available which is why I ultimately upgraded my Mac.

    Once the Mac OS upgrade is done register the Maschine serial (should be in the box) on the native instruments website and set up the native downloader that applies to the Mac OS your able to run. Once you have registered you should be able access Maschine 2 software as well as any other native instrument plug ins available to you.

    Pending on your DAW the VST will be listed as a plug in, however you may have to rescan plug-ins once it’s all downloaded and installed initially. Open either the standalone Maschine 2 app or inside your DAW as a VST and the Mikro mk 3 text panel should light up, press the search button on the Mikro and the installed sound on your hard drive and downloaded sound banks names will appear on there if everything is working.

    Failing that register the midi surface by going into Maschine 2 or your DAW preferences under MIDI, side note you can turn the Mikro into Midi mode by pressing the shift and machine button on the top left of the Mikro mk 3 and you can trigger the notes on other midi lanes. Just make sure it’s out of midi mode if you want the full functionality of the midi controller in Maschine 2.

    hope this helps

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @gholsric You should install your software with Native Access. You will find a version for your MacOs here: Native Access Legacy Installers for Older Operating Systems

    You can also find previous versions of all our software that will be compatible with 10.15 here: Compatibility of Native Instruments Products on macOS

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