How to record Midi in DAW - Mikro MK3 + Midi Keyboard

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Hello to the community!

I'm testing Presonus Studio One 5 and use the Mikro MK3 Controller + a Yamaha Reface CP Keyboard (USB-Midi). I have the Maschine 2 VST loaded with Una Corda.

  • the Yamaha plays and can be recorded in Studio One
  • the Mikro MK3 can be played BUT does not record Midi to Studio One

How to record Midi from both to one track in Studio?

I could record the Yamaha to the Studio One-track and the Mikro MK3 inside the Maschine plugin but I'd like to record both into one track.

I guess it's written somewhere but after searching endlessly I hope you guys can help me here!

Thank you!!!


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