For Traktor Developers ... Traktor Pro 3 User Feedback, valuable for future upgrades

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As DJs we spend a considerable amount of time preparing our music in the software, Jumping between beats in increments of 16 & 32 and making multiple cue points quickly is what we do ALL THE TIME. Traktor Pro 2 had a much easier work flow to do this,

here are some suggestions that I personally would like to see the following upgrades in future Traktor Pro software releases or upgrades.

1) "Beat Jump" & "Cue Points" in the same area on top of each other:

It wastes a LOT of time & effort to go between the "Move" & "Cue" options on the right side to get things done, and during setting up multiple Cue points we have to go all the way to the Left side to press PLAY many times in between, definitely worth upgrade for much much faster & easier workflow.

2) Bigger "Move","Cue","Grid" buttons:

unlike Trakror Pro 2, in V.3 the options to go between "Move","Cue","Grid" is considerably very small, please make them bigger and it helps a LOT to move them back on the Left side like Pro2 because its much easier to press PLAY after setting a Cue point quickly while DJing on the Go.

3) Bigger CUE buttons in Software:

This is for DJing on the Laptop, in many cases we use Traktor Audio 2 & we DJ from the laptop without a Traktor controller. If this is the case (in many gatherings) if I'm in a hurry to bring in the next track small Cue point buttons doesn't make the job easy and can easily miss the entry point, so please please please make the Cue buttons bigger in size.

4) Matching the 12 musical KEY colors with actual color frequency colors (from color therapy) Optional but nice to have, Thank you.

for more info about this please visit:

G = Red,G#= Red-Orange, A=Orange,Bb= Orange-Yello, B=Yellow, C=Lime Green,Db= Green, D= Turquoise,Eb= Blue, E= Ingido Blue, F= Violet, F#=Pink

In Traktor DJ 2 Software for iPad, the one thing preventing me from using is the inability to change KEY (even in increments of 0.1 would be nice) , this option does not exist in Traktor DJ 2 that I'd love to see.

Thank you for your efforts and making amazing products and for listening to our feedback, and will contiue to you use Traktor products. Great work.

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