Can Machine Plus play Komplete instruments?

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Hello, I'm new to Maschine. Wondering if I can use Komplete instruments in Machine+. For instance, say that I purchase the 70's Bass for complete. Can I use it in complete?


  • spock
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    No, it is not possible (in standalone mode)

    Only some maschine expensions can be used on the M+

  • DaGuy007
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    Bummer. Thanks!

  • Nico_NI
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    M+ onboards Massive, Prism, FM8 and Monark alongside the Kontakt and Reaktor Factory selection, which are theoretically Komplete instruments.

  • Peter Harris
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    The upcoming autosampler mode will make some of those things portable to M+ but you would still have to do the initial autosampling in controller mode connected to a computer and save those new instrument files before you couldand then you could open them up from M+. (Or have someone else do that for you and send you the instrument files directly.)

    If you want to see a preview, check out Loopop's video here. He even links to some examples of the resulting output that you can open in your M+ to test them out.

  • DaGuy007
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    Yes, that multi-sampler seems very useful. Great feature. Thanks for pointing it out.

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