Is timecode mk2 interchangeable with mk1

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Greetings all,

This is just a question of clarification. The other night, one of my Timecodes (mk2) seemed to be producing weird results. I thought the record was damaged, so I swapped it for a backup. I put an older mk1 timecode on, but Traktor didn't like it. It gave me the "poor quality timecode" message. But the thing is, I have used two of the older timecodes on Traktor 3.11 a few weeks ago with no problem. So, my question is this: If I start a Traktor session with a Timecode MK2, does it lock itself to that format for the session, and then not recognize the older format?

This is not really an issue. I am just curious. It may mean I have to be more careful about what backup timecodes I bring to a gig.

Cheers, and many thanks.



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    I guess you have to calibrate after changing from one version to the other. But both should work.

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