Reaktor 6.5 (Full) unable to map channel aftertouch messages via MIDI Learn/Controllers pane

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I can map other controllers and MIDI notes, but not channel pressure messages - they simply don't show up for mapping from any keyboard. I have tried setting the display filter in the Controllers pane to All and to AT but it makes no difference.

Trying to set this up from the target control doesn't work either - the only available options are Controller, Note or Poly Aftertouch, but I want to use Channel Aftertouch.

This occurs in both standalone and VST versions on Macbook Air M1.

The AT messages are clearly being sent and received, since I can alter my Reaktor instruments and rewire things to handle pressure as intended. But that seems a bit of a drastic step.

Any reason why I can't just map AT from the Controllers pane?


  • Sunborn
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    There is a Channel Aftertouch in Reaktor for both midi in and midi out

    Try this:

    insert a Channel AT module into your instrument

    then insert an IC Send module and connect it to the AT module you just created

    switch the IC Send module to "Always Active"

    switch the IC Send module to "Visible"

    The IC Send module will give you a list about where to route the aftertouch. From this list, you can select any controller to receive the aftertouch signals.

  • rickymanuk
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    Thanks for the response.

    As I said in my post I am able to open instruments up and rewire them like this - but why isn't it possible to simply map the AT message from the Controllers page? That would be a lot less effort.

    The fact that there is a filter option on the Controllers page to show AT messages suggests it should be possible. My feeling is that this is probably a bug!

  • colB
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    My feeling is that this is probably a bug!

    Why would you say that?

    Seems more like the feature you feel entitled to doesn't exist.

    A bug would be if it let you map aftertouch the way you want, but then it didn't work properly after you mapped it.

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