Please recommend a way to learn Komplete and the M32

David Macklem
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Hello! For a new user and total beginner of Komplete M32, could someone recommend a way to learn? The Native Instruments videos on YouTube assume you already know how to do everything. "Then I just open this.. "... "then I quantize it".... I have no idea what he's doing or how it's happening. Isn't there a total beginner video somewhere?

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    What do you want to learn ?

    Maybe reading the user manual is a good start. Maybe a video for beginners about general concepts of music production can be helpful too (I guess internet is full of). The M32 is just a controller, so all tutorials can be interesting, depending on the software you want to use it with.

  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey David, we have a quickstart for the M32 here: M32 QUICKSTART GUIDE

    And a quickstart for Komplete Start, which is valid for all Komplete products: KOMPLETE START QUICKSTART

    Here you can find on NI's Youtube channel a playlist of videos on how to use Komplete Kontrol in different DAWs:


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