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Every conceivable directory is invalid except in Users/Shared...?

januarycivil Member Posts: 6 Sine
edited April 2022 in Native Access

Since when? that's what NA's failure message reads.

"The correct location is /Users/Shared/... as seen in the screenshot below:"

as the 2nd image reveals, I have a number of things happily installed in that invalid location.

EDIT: one of them is the one I want to repair.

NA would_not_sort this. HOWEVER, and this seems odd, I was able to make Kontakt standalone (6.7) accept the .nicnt and apparently this directory is shown again as "valid".

this is messed up



  • januarycivil
    januarycivil Member Posts: 6 Sine

    I have some things I gave up on in Shared. I don't like it Sam I Am.

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