Performance Pack for Ableton Live 12 (and Push)

MaikR Member Posts: 161 Advisor

Surface building, mapping, MIDI processing, live looping… everything designed and developed with a performance focus 👍🏻

If you’re looking for ideas for future Maschine and Maschine Plus developments, well there are a few… awesome 😎


  • Fugazi81
    Fugazi81 Member Posts: 58 Advisor

    I love my Push3 for exactly that.

    With Max4Live you can create your own personal creative environment and then use it with Push/Live as a performance platform. 

    If only Ni had something similar, a creative tool with which you could make your own ensembles. And then with Maschine plus as a performance platform. That would be great. Oh wait....

    Joking aside, NI would only have to take the same step as Ableton and should simply focus more on a fusion of Maschine/Reaktor like Ableton on Max4Live. Is it simply a missed opportunity?  

    Maybe I'm just not in their target group. 

    On the bright side, M+ and Push3SA are definitely a good team, at least I use them more often than my other devices. They play nicely together and balance out their strengths and weaknesses perfectly for my preferences.  

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