how to reinstall native instruments to new computer.

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In searching for information regarding what to do with Native Instruments when I get my new computer. It appears you have to reinstall on the new computer, however all my Native Instruments content is on external ssd's and I will migrate my old iMac to the new m3 one when it arrives. How can I have all my software registered for the new computer without having to download gigs, and gigs of Library content.

I hope someone has a clue how to achieve this otherwise it looks like a real pain to get all my software licensed on the new computer. And by gigs, and gigs I mean a bucketload of data. Many many Native Instruments products.

thanks in advance!

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    Connect your external drive and install NA on your new laptop, and change the content location (and optionally the Application Location) to point to whereever is appropriate depending upon where your external drive is mounted.

    Launch Native Access and then "relocate all" There is a chance though that you may have to reinstall some items. But the good news is there's no license transfer required. I'm not sure the limit, but I have the same license installed on my desktop and my laptop. I know for Arturia it's usually 5 devices, I'm not sure about NI though.

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    Thanks for the speedy reply. Will look at the link you gave me now.

    Doesn't seem to answer my question. Are the native access licenses tied to my old computer or are they stored somewhere in settings? Really don't want to download and install all the content as it is all on my external ssd. Will be Migrating to the new iMac so all the plugins, and programs will be there.

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    If you read the EULA the installation is limited to three (3) machines.

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    @Brad Yost

    Had a reply from Native Instruments and it appears I should be ok with using them all on the second computer. It stated I should uninstall everything on the old computer. I will be resetting the old one to an out of box state and gifting it to a relation so no software will remain.

    Thanks for your reply.

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