Komplete Audio 6 dropping out

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Hi there,

Yes, so, to start off with, I know that macOS Sonoma isn't supported yet on the Komplete Audio 6 device, but I just bought the Mac Studio and that's the OS I'm working with.

The audio device plays perfectly well, until such time as you plug a webcam in, or use an iPhone as a webcam. Either seem to knock the Komplete Audio 6 out and I get no sound on my monitors at all.

I was wondering: is this a known issue, because it's a real problem for streaming and just answering FaceTime/Messenger calls in the studio.

I hope someone out there has some pointers.

Happy new year and thanks in advance!

Best wishes,




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    Dan - So wild to find this on the same day you posted it. I am in the same boat. I will try messing around with my other USB devices.

    My issue is that I can only intermittently get audio out through my NI6, input seems to work just fine. Sounds like you have the same thing.

  • Danthesiser
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    Hurrah for more occupants in this boat!

    I did find that if you go into System Settings -> Sound -> Output & Input and switch to a different input and back again, it sometimes comes back. But not consistently. More often if you use a networked sound device and not a local one.

    Also, this doesn't work for Logic Pro, in which you obviously have to reinitialise the audio, triggering a reload of each bally plugin.

    For anyone wondering it's the Mk2 Komplete Audio 6 and I have no other audio devices to play with for testing.

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    Your suggestion to remove the webcam worked! But it made for an awkward meeting with my boss the next day where i was screwing around with the webcam and MS teams for 5 minutes trying to get it to work again.

    Now when I plug in the KA6, I get a warning that USB devices are shut of because they are using too much power. What is going on?! πŸ˜‚

  • Danthesiser
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    Are you on a Windows PC or Mac? I don't get that error message, but that sounds really odd!

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