M+ and MPC .... TOGETHER?!?

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So I love my Maschine Plus. Despite some complaints it gets on forums I couldn't love it more and think it's an extremely powerful and flexible tool for use in my DAWless live set up for the downtempo electronica meets indie style I do. I love it.

I do use other gear, some hardware synths and guitars.

I've been thinking about adding a hardware drum machine to the rig to see what that does.

I just saw an MPC One pop up used in my area and just had the thought .... What happens it a make a rig with BOTH of them? Why do they need to fight?

Like it might be silly or overkill. I know they are competitors, offering similar products. As much as I love my Maschine I have always been MPC curious. And rather than make them complet I just thought "how could they work together?" Like each device making up for limits of the other is some weird Tag Team situation.

Has anyone actually done this? Thoughts? Experiences? Ideas? Particularly interested in live performance applications if you have any.

Am I being dumb?


  • Vic Angelo
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    Both support "LINK" so synchronization is super easy. I use M+ with "Link'd" with other devices to live jam, so an MPC wouldnt be any different.

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    Go for it!

    MPC live/One gives you audiotracks and hard disk streaming, very useful for vocals / long backing tracks. MPCs also have Round Robin for oneshots, very cool especially for more organic sounding, acoustic drumkits

    You can use Ableton link, DIN or USB MIDI for syncing the units (choose the method which works best for you)

  • PK The DJ
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    Just be aware that the Ableton Link version used on Maschine+ is outdated, so e.g. no sharing of start/stop.

    I have a Maschine+, an MPC and a Push 3 standalone, but as yet haven't tried using them all together!

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