is it possible to rename MIDI CC allocations?

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Hi. I built an ensemble and I have mapped some of the ensemble knobs to the knobs on my S61 (mk1) controller. I would like the display on the S61 to show names of the parameters rather than the default CC21 CC22 etc. is this possible?


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  • reffahcs
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    Not currently to my knowledge.

    NI has stated that the ability to change the CC value itself is on their roadmap for the future, one would hope this will include the ability to label the knobs as well.

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    Thank you.. that was quick.

    I suspect that if it is not there for mk1 it never will be as they have discontinued support for it.

  • Sunborn
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    Yes, it is possible! I make my Reaktor ensembles like that. But it is complicated.

    check here (the first 3 ensembles only), download and experiment

  • Sunborn
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    to help you a bit further:

    you have to do this on every parameter/knob etc. you want to include, one by one:

    go to Connect, enable Automation, map the ID numbers in the order you want and give a name to the custom parameter name, like this:

    after you done the entire ensemble, save it.

    now open Komplete Kontrol or Maschine do a custom mapping and save it:

    Next step, load the template you just create, then start to load every preset (from within Reaktor), one by one and save them (they all be saved with that template now).

    After you are done, open Reaktor again, go to your presets (snapshots) and replace each one with its equal saved preset for KK or Maschine, then finally save your ensemble.

    This is the basic process. There are many more things to do to make it more detailed and sophisticated but i would need hours to explain everything and i can not... those i described are enough to help you start


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