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We know that Ableton Live has max for live, But if Reason also has a Reaker for Reason, it would be a wonderful thing.

Of course, Reason has its own RE, but writing RE has a certain threshold, unlike Reaktor, which can be directly implemented. Therefore, it would be great if ReasonStudios and Native Instruments could jointly develop and implement devices in the Reaktor for Reason format.



  • iNate
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    Why would Reason Studios do this when they can develop their own native Re Synths and Players and take all the profits from sales, plus never have to depend on NI’s willingness to uodate a platform in maintenance mode to keep them working? That would be a huge unnecessary risk on their part. They would never do this. It makes literally no sense whatsoever.

    if NI wants to do this, they can integrate the REAKTOR platform directly into Maschine software and do it that way. It would at least add vale to their standalone, provided the firmware was updated accordingly.

    I don’t see that happening, though.

  • dreason85
    dreason85 Member Posts: 26 Member

    I know this may not be necessary, but I am wondering if Reason can provide a convenient way to write their RE. Although Ableton Live users don't need to write any devices for their M4L, they just need to wait for professional people to write them, there are always people in need, people who are passionate about it. I also know that this idea is impossible, but at least this idea is good.

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