Half Time 1/2 and Double Time 2X of any given Pattern



  • Tony Jones
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    +1 from me, though I’m not confident

  • NC17z
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    Yes, I'm aware that you can change the tempo. That's the point. One of the most inspirational tools that Maschine offers is the ability to add an additional group with its demo patterns. There are many times when I mute only a portion of a group (typically 9 through 16) pretty much where all the tonal sounds live. Chords melodies, one shots that define the key of the pattern. This will allow me to hear only the foundational percussion instruments. Kick, snare, high hats... I'll then add an additional group and mute bottom half of the group where these foundational percussion instruments live (1 through 8) and so on... Having what feels like 50 plus expansions by now the possibility for random combinations is endless, and one of the most inspiring way I've found to find a unique pallet of textures that I wouldn't have found by scrolling through individual sounds one at a time. Sometimes, I'm layering Trap styles on top of Trap... Some of the demos were created in 70 bpm, some in 130 on up. It would be absolutely amazing if you could flip Thousands of existing patterns that have been curated into unique new patterns with the click of one button/parameter. Just think a hit/stab that once happened at bar 2 is now happening on bar 4, or 8. I've got to believe that many of Maschine users do this. I go as far as even syncing my Traktor Kontrol S4 for endless possibilities. I'll be honest,.. If I don't have to play a 2 and 4 snare or a 16/32 note high hat pattern that's fine with me. Its a great way to loose yourself in hours of Native Instruments bliss and it always leaves me walking away feeling proud of my brand loyalty towards NI. After a session of finding an amazing pallet of percussion, sounds and textures I now have the ability to create my own patterns.

  • August Alchemy
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    I would love this also, but that's what I use Half-Time and Shaperbox for within Maschine already. What's better about those products is that you can change the effect for certain frequencies among other things.

  • basehead617
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    These sorts of features are unfortunately not the sort of things that are seemingly on the radar for NI. It's been a very long time since such 'small' improvements were being made with regularity on this product.

  • Trevor Meier
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    I'd love to see this added as well. Maschine is such a heartbreaker, though... I don't expect much to change.

    Maschine(+) is so fun to use, with such a great workflow. But then you try to do small things that a groove box should do (half time, double time, meaningful variations, etc.) and it's a brick-wall no. If you want to half time a Maschine pattern, you have to use an external tool. It could be so much better!

    I really, really, really hope the new NI overlords allocate more development resources to Maschine going forward. But like I said.... it's a heartbreaker. It's been like this for years (since the big layoffs). I don't expect much to change.

  • Rikk Show
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    +1 Agree 100%. I also want to use drum patterns and often run into the half/double time issue.

    Once the pattern is loaded you can see the original tempo in a info bar.

    Imagine if you could also see that in the browser window before loading a pattern/group.

  • The P.O.T.Y
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    Cool, additives. No complaints here.

    As I always said over years, the Maschine SW is a thing of its own. The swift drift of creation and innovation from the coexistense of SW (DAWs and supposed DAWs) and digital production. Makes everyone want leaps to become bridges. Maschine is digital pattern based production at its best, with a SW. You see the waveform instead of imaging like old MPC or "analog" producing....thats it. The plus its midi recording everything. MPC had to drop a SW and new HW to grab the new non imaginative. FL ppl mind battle over midi or audio, and started clicking after years of playing keyboards like pianos. The producing rhetoric between all has clashed. The SW or computer in producing music period is the crutch treat it as such.

    Do you mean 1/2 or 2x beat count or stretch without change in audio in playback? I never seen or been able to drag or stretch a waveform in Maschine in a view. Its always been pattern based playback with sample editing...then clips, audio module etc. Hopefully they add some non-linear audio features. And not bunch of settings, they gave us damn near 16x whatever samplers what more y'all want. The home page from day one til' now tells you what Maschine is. 🏆️

    Kontakt is a thing of its own. Them working on that with Maschine SW integration is second in my opinion. Komplete Kontrol is the bridge, of the two. You got to be almost Kontakt/Reaktor guru to make Maschine do all these request. Ask Boris? These improvements to the NI Community got me 🤪

  • D-One
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    @The P.O.T.Y :

    Do you mean 1/2 or 2x beat count or stretch without change in audio in playback?

    No, not audio, the Audio Plug can already do that by simply changing it's detected BPM.

    We want 2x / half the time position of each selected MIDI event, or pattern.

    Stretching would be nice but the simper approach would suffice, it's really such simple math that shouldn't be a challenge to implement.

  • Quinn3k3
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    I am surprised that this hasn't been added.

  • NeoLove
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    This is true if you are just creating the beat all together. But I found this thread because I already have a beat I'm trying to add a pattern to and I don't want to speed up the whole beat, I just want the pattern doubled. I can go through and manually resequence all the notes but I was hoping there was a faster way

  • NeoLove
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    Another option would be if the tempo of a track can be changed independently of the other tracks lol. I don't know if that's easier or more difficult to implement.

  • ozon
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    Mathematical operations on MIDI events are easy to implement and have no side effects on audio or arrangement handling. Everything stays within a Pattern. Pretty much every DAW offers them since the 1990s. No clue why NI thought they are of no musical use on a beat box.

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