Half Time 1/2 and Double Time 2X of any given Pattern

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My request maybe a simple question to ask however require a complete overhaul of the Maschine Software engine in order to accomplish.

I like the features that within the desktop software where we have the ability to right click on a pattern and double the length of the pattern. I would love to have the ability to play the pattern in 1/2 time and/or double time. The possibilities would be endless with this one feature. I'm sure you're aware that some pattern's just don't blend well with other patters based on the tempo they were originally created in. With the recent craze of faster tempos between 130-170 bpm and play on the 1 and 3 rather than the 2 and the 4 in a normal tempo of 70-100 bpm is really the creators choice. Its a preference thing I guess.

Thank you in advance for taking the time to review my feature request,




  • NC17z
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    Wow! These would be amazing features within Maschine. These are all features that you find in many of the plugins they create/acquire. I know that many of the flagship plugins are all KONTAKT based and Maschine might be built on an entirely different engine structure programing wise. I just figured, they've gotten it this far, with some math equations and parameter functions it would be awesome. Thanks for posting,... It goes to show you just how a collaboration of ideas can be beneficial.

  • TheLoudest
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    I would even tend to say that these are "basic operations" for a sequencer in 2022...

    and I would even add :

    • the possibility of quantifying the end of the notes (note tails)
    • a "legato" function (the length of the notes automatically adjusts to the next note.s)
    • midi learn in step mode (from an external midi keyboard for example) : press a pad, play a note or a chord on the external keyboard and this note or chord is added on the step

    all this kind of functions that we can found elsewhere and which quickly become essential when working with midi sequences

  • Trevor Meier
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    Would love to see these features added! Along with some parameter based randomization and probability, it would make Maschine’s sequencer a much more powerful tool for building out tracks and live performance. As it is, Maschine requires a lot of effort to create variation and development in musical ideas.

  • D-One
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    I've been asking for a half/double time pattern feature for years


    No engine overhaul is needed, this is simple stuff, it's just a function to divide/multiply each note/event position by a factor of 2. It's still baffling to me that this is not a thing especially since Trap became one of the top most popular sub-genres in the world. A bunch of Kontakt instruments have this function, the lack of this makes using Expansions and even our own user Groups/Kits much less fun...

    The other suggestions are very cool too but half/double time is basic barebones stuff IMO.

  • TheLoudest
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    @D-One wrote:

    A bunch of Kontakt instruments have this function

    I see a lot of Maschine users disappointed (and bad jokes about the development team...) in particular by the non-consideration of feature requests or in any case the "slowness" of development (you ask this since 2017 ?really?!..)

    but it's true that it's quite incomprehensible to see (on the other hand) the amount of instruments offered by NI

    (and their creativity!) With very cool GUIs too... I am thinking in particular of one of the latest PLAYBOX. In short, the kind of things we would like to find in the Maschine/Maschine+ OS

    and indeed most of the functions expected on Maschine already exist elsewhere actually! In NI products!

    I don't understand why they don't take the time to develop the system for what seems to be one of their flagship products...

    I agree with the proposals above and in particular the idea of ​​adding more creative tools (real-time randomization, probability etc.)

    Even basic products like Arturia Keystep now have this kind of stuff...

    we are in 2022 guys!!

    and I'm not even talking about the Squarp Hapax which should attract the attention of all sequencer manufacturers (at least I hope so)

    @D-One wrote:

    The other suggestions are very cool too but half/double time is basic barebones stuff IMO.

    Yes, it is really basic. I agree.

    But it is also true that we all have different needs (and priorities)

    @Matt_NI talked about a space (in the next few months I guess) to discuss about feature requests

    I really hope it will be a voting system and that we can vote for several features in order of priority

    so that we can have a ranking of the top priorities, for the whole community.

  • ozon
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    @D-One wrote:

    The other suggestions are very cool too but half/double time is basic barebones stuff IMO.

    I remember you saying that before, however… if done properly, my suggestions are actually just variations of the same operation using different parameters. Reverse is time stretch with factor -1. Inverse is pitch stretch with factor -1. Stretch and quantize for pitch are not different than for time, just a different axis. Rythms on the pitch axis are scales and vice versa. It’s really about understanding that music is geometry.

    Therefore I always mention those operations together: They are basically the same thing.

  • Peter Harris
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    And it must be doable because they added one-click half-time to Playbox and I'm hooked on it!

  • NC17z
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    • "the possibility of quantifying the end of the notes (note tails)" Don't get me Started with Quantizing the Tails of Notes. This was something I could do on my Atari 1040st with Master Tracks Pro back in 1987. I miss it so much. I hate hanging notes in chords.

  • Dstep ATL
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    All of these are very necessary. Particularly the half time double time. There are sometimes I have a great melody in my head, but it would be a lot easier to input if I could just play it at half speed and double it.

    speaking of half speed. I’d love a cable guys half time clone too, lol. Akai has one.

  • Impermanence
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    You know you can change tempo manually.

    if you want to play melody in at half speed the tools are there.

    I would still enjoy double and half speed.

    At the moment Launcpad pro mk3 is my workaround.

  • TheLoudest
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    @Impermanence wrote:

    You know you can change tempo manually.

    if you want to play melody in at half speed the tools are there.

    Tempo on Maschine is global.

    so...we can't use this as a double/half speed workaround..

    (unless you have only one track...)

  • Impermanence
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    That is true. It depends on what you are doing.

  • Way~D
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    +1 please add this, ive been trying patterns but solo the group, doubling the temp, recording the pattern to a new group via sampling. and then lowering the tempo back just to audition double time patterns.... cna we please get this added

  • Seqsual
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    Have you tried running two instances of Maschine side by side unsynchronised? You can send notes from first instance to second one, record the pattern, change the tempo on the first instance and record again to different track on the second one etc. Or open the same project on both and play it together at different tempos. It's easy to do as you can switch instances directly from controller.

    Also lot of tricks can also be done using Reaktor as MIDI processor. I have built recently several blocks exploring the potential — for example 4-RR (https://www.native-instruments.com/en/reaktor-community/reaktor-user-library/entry/show/14535/) that can be used to randomly filter out some notes or as sort of 4-layer random round-robin function for auto-sampler.

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