M32 Keyboard - slow reaction

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I am trying to learn a few simple piano chords, I have installed a VST called 'The Grand' by DSK Music inside Cakewalk.

When runing up a scale - the reaction of the keyboard I find a bit limp, and a bit odd, like you really have to strike some keys- but not others, and changing note too quick - such as in a scale, the next note sounds slightly softer.

I have found 'The Gentleman' in my Native Access, is this the free piano that comes with my M32 ? and should this work better ? (why is it 3.6gb ??, when 'The Grand' is only 50mb?)

Kontact 7 and The Gentleman has been installed, but I cannot get any sound from the keyboard, other instruments work OK with the keyboard, but not this, are there some places I should be checking.

I must admit though I have little experience of a real piano, so unsure if I should expect more, or this is just how it should be.

Any thoughts appreciated.


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