Midi Clock Bug - Maschine Plus

Albert44 Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

There is a bug in the Maschine + when you are in “Recieve Midi Clock”, recieving midi from the 5pin socket. If you connect an USB cable in the big usb socket, the one you use to transfer data, if for whatever reason the maschine is set in controller mode and goes back to standalone mode, it loses midi clock signal, drifts the tempo, etc.

I was playing with a friend and he was sending me midi clock. 2h went good, but then I put the usb to send notes to an ipad and started to behave badly. I saw a post on gearslut where this happened to one guy but using an mpc live instead of an ipad. You have to power the maschine plus in controller mode (without the power cable) and works good again. I had to do it 3 times but I finally can recieve midi clock correctly.

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