Kontrol S61 mk3 with Komplete Ultimate 13 Sofware

geiger167 Member Posts: 26 Member

I'm buying new keyboard tomorrow and it comes bundled with Komplete Ultimate 13. I already own this software. What can I do with the bundled software as I already own it ?


  • PoorFellow
    PoorFellow Moderator Posts: 1,661 mod

    You have to read the Terms of Sale from when you bought and as far as I remember then maybe you can not sell or transfer the license separately when it comes bundled with the keyboard ? At least I think that you can not with respect to Komplete Select. I could be wrong though , but I would advise you to read the Terms of Sale prior to taking any action or in case of any doubt contact support and ask them !

  • geiger167
    geiger167 Member Posts: 26 Member

    I got the keyboard, and a seperaate parcel with Komplete 13 ultimate box sealed which contains a hard drive and serial inside so it appears I will be able to sell it seperately as I already have the software which is an unexpected bonus lol. I've already connected the keyboard and it all synced with komplete ultimate 14 which I already had.

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