Maschine MK2 Hardware not being recognized with software

ToonzBeatz Member Posts: 1 Newcomer

I'm having an issue using my Maschine MK2. I completed the full installation and when I startup MASCHINE software my hardware is not being recognized. It stays on "groove production studios" . I followed the NI support steps and figured it might be my firmware out of date, when I open the "device updater" to update my firmware, it doesn't recognize the hardware. It shows "please connect all your NI devices and restart the Device Updater".

Has anybody came across this type of situation with this product?

Maybe I need to install an older version of the device driver or controller driver and then move on with the current updates however, I cant find the older versions on the NI site. Below is what I installed with the exception of device updater.

Does anybody got any suggestions?

Device Updater 1.7.0 - Windows

MASCHINE MK2 Controller Driver 3.0.4 - Windows 7 and above

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