Kore Player installation problem in Windows 10

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I did post about this in someone else's thread but so far nobody has replied so I thought I would start a new one. Hope that's ok.

I am trying to get Kore P. to work because I have a great soundpack that I want to be able to use. I have it installed and N.A. recognises it ok but because I already registered my serial number when I was trying to get it to work on my M2 Mac, N.A. (1) will not allow me to re-enter it - it just says the serial no. has already been registered. So it is stuck in demo mode.

Does anyone have a spare serial number they could transfer to me, if that is allowed, so that I can enter it instead of my own? Alternatively, does anyone know if there is any way to authenticate my existing serial number, having already registered it on a different machine?

I have opened a ticket with NI but again, no response as yet.




  • Marcusmax
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    I actually managed to get Kore Player working with the full license in Windows. I have a sound pack for it, Acoustic Refractions, which only seems to work on a Mac - I can't see any way to install it on the PC. Since I can run Kore Player in Windows I would have thought the sound packs could be installed there too. Does anybody know if I can use it in Windows, and if so, how?

  • Marcusmax
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    Sorted! I simply transferred all the relevant files from my old MacBook where it was also installed. Now I have a fully functioning Kore installation in Windows 10, accessible from Logic on a new Mac via VEPro, with a much beloved soundpack complete with my old star ratings. Excellent.

    I know I'm talking to myself here but if anyone is struggling to get this old software and its sound packs working again, post here or PM me and maybe my experience will be of help. I've spent a few days on it but it was worth it.

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