Help with custom mapping for the X1mk3

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Is there a simple how-to guide anywhere for creating/editing these qml files (syntax, list of instructions, etc)? I'd like to make some changes to the Z1mk3 mapping that would be essential to my workflow. There are several posts with people having a go at this, but where did they learn how to do it?

In particular I want the shift + low EQ (+ button) to control the filter, and I'd really like to control all 4 decks, not just 2 (which seems nuts to me).

Can anyone point me in the right direction?

I have been mucking around with the controller settings in the TP preferences, and that can do some stuff...but seems very hit and miss without any written instructions. Seems like you can, for example, remap the low-eq knob/buttons to control the filter function, but there doesn't seem to be a way to assign the SHIFT-LOW-EQ knob/button and map that to the filter. I don't want to lose the low-eq entirely, simply add the filter functionality via the shift function.

Any detailed instructions on how I might create this kind of additional functionality on the x1mk3 will be appreciated.


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    Here is an introduction by NI for starters:

    Almost all also applies to overmapping, except that your assignments all have an additional checkbox: override factory map.

    Tip. You have to assign a modifier (using type: hold) to the shift button (leaving override factory map unchecked, so that the factory mapping will still register shift for native functions). You can then use the modifier as a modifier condition for the knob that will use a secondary function when shift is held down.

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    Thank you. That's a lot of reading but I am sure it'll help. I have already created custom over-mapping for my macbook keyboard so that I can mix using keys only (when I'm organising sets), so hopefully this should all make some sense. Hopefully by then end of my reading your last tip will make more sense to me! ;-)

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    OK, so had my first play with modifiers and the shift key. Thought I'd start with something simple: in the mixer mode, use SHIFT to use the LO EQ knob and button to control the filter on deck A.

    And it works. Kind of. Using these 3 assignments I can now use the filter control on deck A. However, have encountered a few issues:

    1. The Soft Takeover function does nothing. so going from filter to LO eq or vice versa, the values jump around like crazy.
    2. the SH + Left.3rd FX knob/buttons also move the dk A filter if I'm in either of the FX modes

    So, before I crack on, is there any way to get the soft takeover to work? Until I work this out I'm a bit stuck.

    Also, is there any way to query the state of the controller to find out which mode it is in, i.e. is it in Mixer/FX1+2/FX3+4? Is it already set up as a modifier (because if it is, I don't see it)? That way I could make sure any knob changes only work when in Mixer mode.

    And a broader Q: these guys seem to have produced mappings for decks C&D too. How?! Seems like a monstrously huge task considering how little I have achieved so far!

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