Static/crackling from Studio Speakers with PC

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Hi NI community,

I have really bad static coming through my speakers at all times my computer is on, even if on mute. I have KRK speakers running through Komplete Audio 6 interface and run windows10 on my AMD PC build.

There are no issues at all when plugging interface into my old MacBook. Sound is also clear through PC headphones. I’ve replaced all the wires, tried different outlets, use a power strip for grounding and nothing seems to work. I have all the latest drivers and BIOS. I’ve also tried connecting the interface to different USB ports none of these strategies has improved the issue. When I scroll using the mouse wheel, I can faintly hear the clicks through the monitors.

Does this sound like a grounding or feedback issue? Any feedback is highly appreciated,



  • mykejb
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    Is the noise static or more like a whine? Does it happen when you have nothing but the PC, interface and speakers plugged in? What cables are you using from the KA to the speakers? Are they proper balanced cables?

    -- Mike

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    And what driver for KA6 do you use? ASIO or WDM,WASAPI, ....? Also what type of wires between KA6 and KRK doyou use? And if you speak about phones - OK.... Do you mean phones connected to computer or to KA6? If computer, what is the phone sound if connected to KA6?

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