Moving between scenes with MK3

marchvet Member Posts: 6 Newcomer

I just moved from the studio that had the wheel allowing me to scroll through scenes quickly without using the mouse. Recently I got the MK3 and cant figure out how to scroll through the scenes?

I tried the jogwheel but it does nothing. Any suggestions or advice?



  • Vic Angelo
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    On the Maschine MK3 the 2 ways to view and select a scene is by Pressing the SCENES Button and use the 16 Pads to select. The screen on the right will list the scenes and if there are more the 16, there will be arrows on the top right with more Banks of Scenes.

    Or press the ARRANGER button (IDEAS button on Maschine Plus), Scenes will be on the top row and you can Press the button above the scene name to launch the scene.

  • D-One
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    The Song Mode (Shift+Ideias/SONG) allows you to use a 2nd knob to scroll thru Scenes to effectively select/change, or use the Pads to only select.

  • marchvet
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    I tried Vics suggestions and the scene button idea works, but when I go into arrangement view, the buttons at the top are set for things like "section, clip, convert etc".

    If I rotate the first knob that has "section" above it, it will move through the scenes. Would be nice if the main knob(bigger one) would perform this function in arranger view.

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