How to setup groups with a MK2 in Ableton

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I have the MKII Controller. I am trying to find the training on how to us the A-H banks to control each of my songs for my live set. For example bank A, pads 1-16 can be assigned to song 1. Then bank B, pads 1-16 can be assigned to song 2, and keep going from there. Can anyone tell me how this is done, or point me in the right direction?

I want to be able to use the pads to jump around in my song set to have more flexibility to not have to do a song in a certain order. I am using ableton's marker feature to mark places and then I want to use the pads on the controller to tell ableton where to jump to.

I can assign the pads to jump I just only have a max of 16 markers unless I can get each group to give me access to a different midi note is the best way I know how to explain it.


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    There has been reams written on this subject, tons of requests, but nothing done.

    I guess for Native instruments to simplify this process is to admit to some kind of defeat.

    They could create the Abelton file, which you drag there, and create a button on the Maschine side which automatically configures inputs and outputs to that drag and drop file.

    It hasn't happened and so each new user wanting to use both programs must find their own solutions.

    I wont mention the third party tool which removes Maschine from the equation, leaving NI simply as a source for samples and kits.

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    If you want to use Ableton then put your Maschine MK2 into MIDI controller mode. You'll be able to assign anything you want in Ableton with MIDI including jumping thru markers. You could then make your own Template with Controller Editor to further customize the control.

    Another way is to is your Mk2 as an Ableton Control Surface, but the first way I mentioned is simpler to set up.

    You can find instructions on YouTube.

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    Thanks, I've connected the controller and put it in midi mode, my banks don't light up and so I am always in bank/group A. I will do some more research on youtube and see what I can find, maybe its like one setting that I have wrong.

    Also to member "CH7" if there is a 3rd party application or better hardware let me know. I don't use my MK2 at all really it was just sitting in the corner collecting dust. I figured I have it and I might as well use it so this was my project for 2024 to make this setup work, but I am open to any ideas lol

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    If this has been a issue for many people I think I figured it out. My issue was that I needed a blank template. I had follwed the article that showed me how to load the ableton 11 template in and that would just mess everything up. They already had the group buttons mapped to a navigating feature. Once I figured out how to open a clean template I was able to map Pad 1 to different markers in ableton as long as I was in different groups.


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    What are your Groups contents? Just samplers / one shot and no instruments? If so, it's possible, if there are instruments then it's not because you will easily reach the 16-channel limitations. Let me know, I can help you route things, it's not that hard.

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    Hi, same problems here...

    I have a new Maschine MK2, I have practically not used it, when at the time I wanted to integrate it into

    Cubase or Live have been a pain in the ass, and that's why they're sitting there collecting dust...

    A few days ago I rescued it from oblivion and with renewed hope I wanted to try again.

    put it into practice, thinking that NI had solved the integration problems over the years...

    I am a Cubase PRO and Live 11 STD user.

    But putting aside NI's bad, lousy, horrible bug resolution management:

    What is the latest version of Maschine software?

    Version 2.17.5 appears in my Native Access, which matches what it says here in this forum.

    BUT in the Maschine MK2 hardware help pdf they emphasize that the software version is 2.8

    How is this understood?

    My headache with NI this time is that some options on the screens of my MK2 hardware,

    They don't match what the manual says...

    A concrete example is on the Slices screens...

    The truth is I do not understand.

    Aren't even the versions of the manuals correct?

    All the best

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    Thanks I got it figured out, once I got my MK2 to a clean blank template it was easy to actually get it all setup. If I have more questions then I will be back on this forum lol. Thanks for the reply

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    The Maschine Mk2 is legacy hardware, 14 years old, they won't be updating the manuals for it... So you either figure it out or ask, not much changed much since 2.8 to be honest.

    If you want to learn to route Maschine Plugin into a DAW read my guide thread for Cubase and ask questions if you get stuck:

  • Ryamus
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    I appreciate it. Tomorrow is an off day so I will dive more into the MK 2 and your suggestions

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