How can i download maschine ?

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Hello everyone, i received the maschine mikro mk3 several month ago but i never got to dwl the software. Today i finally tried, but when i open my native instrument plateforme, the "maschine" field (that i presume will be software) doesn't exist in my bank of applications available, despite the fact that i do have every other plugins and vst.

Someone gave me the maschine and made a sort of handover of the licence to me, do you think it has a issue with the software installation as well?

Thanks a lot in advance,


mariad :)



  • mykejb
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    If you get the hardware licence you should get the software associated with it. Is the Mikro registered in your account on the NI site ?

    -- Mike

  • mariaddd
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    i actually got the hardware from someone, so he did a transfer licence to me, which i also did and the mikro is registered in my native now. The only thing missing is the maschine software...

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