relocating all samples to iCloud drive

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Hi all.

I've had to move my sample / plugin data library to iCloud drive to save space on my internal drive. I can remove the downloads when i dont need certain libraries.

But it seems it wont allow me to select that as a location to re-locate?

Could you pls help?



  • mykejb
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    I'm pretty sure that putting sample libraries and plugins isn't allowed. Even if it is, it's probably not a good idea. You'd be much better off getting an external drive and using that if that's an option.

    -- Mike

  • apricotandpearjam
    apricotandpearjam Member Posts: 57 Member

    oh its not even allowed to put your samples on iCloud drive?

  • reffahcs
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    This has come up before when people have wanted to install the libraries on network attached storage. At the end of the day, the software just isn't designed to work with such slow access to the sample libraries.

    If you can't afford to buy an external hard drive, then your only option is to install the libraries you use the most and then uninstall them to make room for other libraries as needed.

  • CH7
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    or you could just clone your drive to a larger one with something like Diskgenius. Then you would either resize the partition you have your Machine data files loaded on, or create a new partition using the new space, and move your libraries files there via the maschine preference settings.

    It doesn't hurt to have backups.

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