Prism and mikro prism looks same..

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Hello everyone.

I have Komplete 14 Editors collection and Logic Pro. So Prism and mini prism looks same. Is there a switch to a "full view" somewhere? Can I download Prism manually?



  • Sunborn
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    There is no "full view", it is what it is. The differences lays beneath.

    Basically Mikro Prism is the same instrument as Reaktor Prism, but without the full set of controls.

    Also Mikro has just 70-80 presets, while Prism has 10 full banks.

  • Kymeia
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    If you own the full Prism then you can export the snapshots from Micro Prism and load them in Prism - then you will have your 'full view'

  • m9dfukc
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    Open Prism and right click with the mouse on the GUI and select "View A" ... there you have your full interface.

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