Traktor kontrol z1

Hi everyone merry Christmas im having problems with my Z1 im using traktor Pro 3 traktor z1 and a kontrol x1 mk1 midi mapped for manual beat matching and jogweell

Pc running windows 11 it's a sound issue it sounds great out speakers but headphones sound quality is really bad when both channels on cue I've tried hd 25s headphones and cu1 1 pionner headphones both great headphones

I'm running a acer predator gaming pc p300

High end pc should not be any problems

Thank you

Kind regards




  • DuustereDNS_053
    DuustereDNS_053 Member Posts: 3 Member

    Doe you use the headphone output on the Z1!?!

  • wes 2016
    wes 2016 Member Posts: 10 Member

    Yes I just use x1 for cue play and pitch and jogwell and z1 as mixer sounds great out studio monitor just when just bad sound in headphones into z1 it's really bad audio

    Thank you


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