Getting "could not create new file or truncate existing file" but why?

Atom Heart Father
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I am suddenly getting the "could not create new file" etc message when trying to download an instrument or expansions. I have read the support article on this topic (360001976417), but I think I am following the protocols for setting the file locations, and don't have incompatible folders in Native Access preferences.

  • Files are going to a dedicated folder on an external drive-- downloading to a folder called "Downloads" and samples going to a folder called "Content". Applications going into a folder called "Native Instruments Stuff"
  • It is not a virtual or cloud drive.
  • It's not the root drive.

I have been using the same folders since I first bought Komplete, and I haven't gotten this message previously. Now it's no longer working. Using Native Access 3.8, MacOS 13.6.2. Any ideas or suggestions appreciated!


  • Milos
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    Maybe you should make a new custom folder...

    Let me know if it worked, sir.

    Btw, Happy Holidays and God bless you!

  • arcade
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    It should work out of the box. Why create a new custom folder. And if it happens again he creates another folder ?
    The problem is not on his side.
    I have the same problem on my MAC right now. All paths are fine.
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