Audio 6 - Can't get sound from Websites (like youtube) but Maschine Mk3 comes through fine.

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I have Komplete Audio 6 attached to Win11 desktop. Maschine Mk 3 is also plugged in via USB.

Maschine works just fine - everything comes through.

But when I flip to Firefox or Chrome (while Maschine is plugged in) to check Youtube videos / tutorials, there's no sound from anything on the website.

It's like Maschine takes over the audio bus on the desktop. I can plug an external speaker into the headphones plug on the PC, but I can't get the computer audio (from browsers, etc) to go through KA6 when I also have Maschine on.

Any help? Thank you!



  • mykejb
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    It will probably switch Windows audio out to Maschine when it's plugged in. You can switch back to your KA6 audio by clicking the little icons to the right of the volume slider you see when you click the speaker output in the taskbar. That'll give you a list of output devices which should show your KA channels

    -- Mike

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