Komplete Audio 2 - Not working properly on Macbook M3

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I have Komplete Audio 2 and it work weird in Maschine DAW on my Macbook Pro Silicon M3.

When i try to collect a new sample the audio signal which is send through Input 1 via 1/4 jack is like "wobbling" and broken. When i try second output i can hear it in my headphones clearly but it isn't reaching the DAW and Maschine software isn't collecting any sound.

Another weird thing is that even when i have selected that i want to collect audio sample from External Mono - Input R and still have my signal plugged into the input 1 (the left one), the DAW is collecting it's audio.

Does anyone have a similar problem? I guess the whole DAW is not optimized yet for Macbooks with M3s.

Disclaimer: I have older MAcOS with the same DAW and it works just fine. My Komplete Audio interface is not broken.


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