Komplete product for popular 80's synth sounds...?



  • ShelLuser
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    Have you looked into the Kontakt factory library yet? Because something tells me you didn't...

    No, this is not a "out of the box" jump sound so to speak, but it's getting close enough. In fact, several of the Android presets make me remember those times (but then again, I was in my teens around the 80's).

    I honestly think you should go over the factory library again and customize some of its entries. (let's also not ignore the fact that the custom library is kinda dated itself as well (as far as I can tell anyway..)).

  • Tony Jones
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    They do (mostly) in the options already suggested, particularly the Arturia collection. For 'sounds in the style of' Super 8 and Analog Dreams have also been mentioned

  • Hippstar
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    Lot of the stuff can be made with NI products.

    Dx7=Fm8, Minimoog=Monark, JP8000=Super8

    Analog Dreams, Kontakt Libary, Retromaschine offer samples of famous 80's presets.

    Arturia offers a huge bundle of retrosynths, there is also Cherry Audio and TAL. There is a free Dx7 called Dexed, a free Oberheim and TAL offers a free Juno. Uhe offers several free VSts.

    Van Halen - Jump > Oberheim

    Axel F > Dx7 with probably Oberheim

    Aha > Take on me - afaik Oberheim, with Dx7 Bassline and PPG Wave for the bells

    Dx7 is all over the 80's, check the Top Gun soundtrack, it's everywhere.

    Brassy sounds were made with either Oberheim, Rolands Juno or Jupiter.

    You can download and import Sysex file to the FM8. These are presets for the Dx7 (and later Versions), so you can get the famous sounds:

    Fretless Bass > Berlin - Take my breath away,

    Kenny Loggins - Dangerzone Bass (forgot the name)

    Marimba > Axel F

    Solid Bass/Lately Bass > Haddaway - What is love and Lil' Louis - French Kiss (the sound is all over the early 90's)

    E-Piano - probably in every love song of the 80's

    Don't get to many synths. It's more important to know your stuff and their sound, character and charme. Most sounds can be made very close with other synths.

    Have fun with recreating.

  • G.B.
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    Looks like I/we will have a new source for synth sounds...

    NI is about to announce a synth... lol:)

  • Peter Harris
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    I was gearing up for all the complaints on the Maschine forum about wasting resources that should be going to... ohhhhhh... never mind...

    Don't you love April Fools Day?!

  • Duistere Bardo
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    Just try Super8. It is modeled after these kind of 80s analog super synths, so you can easily get most of these sounds out of it.

  • Jon Watte
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    Monark, Analog Dreams, Super 8, and Reaktor are my go-to choices for "analog 80's sound." If you want a particular Oberheim sound, look for samples in the libraries, or break out a wavetable synth of your choosing (even Massive X could probably serve.)

    I don't clone riffs, as much as I take inspiration, though. Getting close is totally possible by tweaking knobs.

  • Wilmar Boer
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    The Roland Cloud Zencore will bring you the eighties. With all Jupiter and Juno emulation variants in Zencore. As a bonus you can extent to the nineties with D50, JD800 and XV5080 plugins. And all these sounds are in Zencore too.

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