Can we, now, layer multiple sounds/instruments...?



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    You can save the "Multi" in Kontakt (Save Multi as...), but KK will not save NKS presets for Kontakt Multis, so in order to load, you have to load the Plugin using the method @Brad Yost outlined and then load the Multi in Kontakt. You could also create a KK preset that is an empty instance of Kontakt and then load the Multi so you dont have to Navigate the context menus every time.

  • G.B.
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    Is there any advantage to setting all channels to "omni", instead of channel 1...?

  • kaotik78
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    Seems this still hasn’t been sorted. It would be helpful to be able to layer multiple NI vst’s I’m the Komplete kontrol hardware and even go as far as being able to save them as a new instrument for easy recall. Maybe there development team is facing a huge backlog, still after 4 years one would think this could be implemented.

  • Brad Yost
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    It has been sorted. KK is just a 'wrapper' to provide an implementation of NKS functions that may be available from the actual playable instrument loaded into it like samplers (Kontakt or Battery) or synthesizers (Reaktor or FM8) for example. KK by itself is not an instrument capable of creating sound.

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    Admin, can we ignore 'hate speech' instigators?

    I've been a paying user since 99...have you???

    I m making true statements...the absolute mind blowing brilliance of Kore vs half bake inkomplete kontrol. Something negative has happened at NI and you are too offended/fearful to hear actual users who do real gigs vs a swag of bedroom players driving the NI flagship?

    If NI going backwards in comparison to their previous products doesn't bother you then you must not have that history or otherwise you are wilfully helping to bury them. I am emphatic because I am sincerely aware of the regression and I do actually care for the company and German brothers.

  • Mark Wesse
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    Komplete kontrol has replaced kore... But only for a single engine despite being the plug host for the k88 which has a great 2 screen ui for headless except it doesnt provide layer so will now need to bring a screen we get brilliant browsing but no playability :-(

    The only logical 'close' replacement is freestyle by new sonic arts (James walker hall...previously did work for ni). This fills the void of a brilliantly programmed preset morphing but otherwise fit for purpose for those wishing to play live performance as a musician vs single track collage...if that makes sense...but you no longer get to use the keyboard browser

    Absynth, which is now abandoned anyway, stopped working in Kore else I would still use that

    The issue in summary

    ...Ni builds a brilliant controller keyboard for headless CPU...


    Provides a compatible/browsable host that allows only a single engine plugin which renders the system useless without using another multi engine host


    then using another host, you can't use the multi screen ui brilliance on non NI host (practically)


  • Simchris
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    troll ...made my point. I found the ignore option by going to his account. Whew! And yes, i have been NI customer since they launched.

  • Mark Wesse
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    You used used to the excellence, gigged with it and thought heaven had materialised

    and then weep when you load up kk and are still weeping 4 years later?

    If thats trolling well...hmm; speaking the truth hurts some people I guess


  • Kymeia
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    Yeah but using Maschine to do that would mean having to deal with Maschine's uselessness when it comes to expression (such as lack of support for aftertouch). I would never use Maschine to play software instruments, it's too limited.

    The best approach is using Newsonicarts Freestyle or a similar subhost (Freestyle integrates well with Komplete Kontrol - however we are still waiting for it to get a VST3 update so currently it needs to be run in Rosetta on Mac which is a pain)

  • Mark Wesse
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    Yeah its really if you shell out the money for a supposedly great browsing interface (which it is) and screens so you can use screenless nav eg for the obvious; live playing etc and then you go to use it (and you have to unwrap/accept the license to find this out) and then you actually find that you cant do THE most basic of things...layer instruments (esp of diff type engines)

    I keep saying it...but adding maschine etc and complicating a playing a keyboard as per hardware replacement...indicates a new team that have no idea of the foundation of live playing despite the incredible legacies of the past.


    You dare to criticise the holy ones and get labelled for trolling?

    Please, are there no one else that wants the truth to shine above flattery and help NI to best outcomes?

    As mentioned; there are other great hosts etc but then you lose the excellent feature of browsing etc that are waiting for a useful outcome

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    The term "music texture" describes how many sound layers are mixed to provide a musical composition a sense of depth and richness. The quantity of voices or sections, their relative intensities, and the interactions between them are some examples of characteristics that affect the texture of a piece of music...

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