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Hi. I'm a total newbie here. My wife has purchased Komplete 14 Select for my Christmas present this year. As she used her own email to make the purchase, NI has set up a new account for her where the package now resides. My question is, how can I retrieve it from there and import it into my own account? I haven't downloaded it - I'm concerned that if I download it to my PC using her email I won't then be able to access it.

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  • Kubrak
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    1) If it is really at wife's NI account, your wife may try to contact Support (at NI Support pages) and explain the situation tell them your NI account data, and NI might move it to your account.

    OR Your wife might ask NI for Licence Transfer. It is not possible to do Licence Transfer automatically as it is too close to registering to her account. She has to open Support Ticket saying that she wants to transfer the licence. She does not need to explain why and to who. (At least it is my past experience...) NI will remove licence from your wife's account and make licence unregistered. Then you may register K14S at your account using Native Access SW.

    I guess, either of the steps may take several working days, so it may be resolved in beginning of January. There is not many working days till the end of this year....

    So, in the meantime you may use K14S installed on your computer using wife's NI account. (in that case it would be better just to ask for Licence Transfer, than to explain it is a gift that is on wrong NI account....)

    When the licence will be on your account Native Access will, IMHO, reregister licences on your computer to your account. (In the worst case, you will have to install them again.)

    Or if you want to be 100% sure, uninstall K14S before you put licence number into Native Access. And install it again. But it is IMHO unnecesary....

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    It might not be possible through the NI portal. I checked and the proper way is to go into your account and select transfer

    However, the majority of the software I own was not available for transfer.

    As @Kubrak stated, your best bet seems to be to submit a support ticket.

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    It is not possible to do "usual" licence transfer procedure using Licence Transfer feature of user account within two (or three) months since product registration. Items are marked Non Transferable on LT page.

    Transfer has to be done by openning Support Ticket and ask there for transfer of licence XY, in that case. In my experience, NI than removes Licence from user account and makes licence to be registered to a new account. Al least it is the way it used to work for years. I haven't done such transfer last few years so things may have changed, but I haven't heard about such change... I am pretty sure it is the same like in the past.

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    @PRDarby The best is to contact our dedicated support agents here:

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