Stems working but not showing the waveform

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I have a MacBook Pro (With Apple M1) and just updated everything....

I just got RipX and wanted to use it for making stems together with StemCreator. StemCreator seems to not work on my Mac (and this doesn't work as posted on that forum.

So I used RipX and directly made stems from there. Uploaded into Traktor - and now it works - BUT I can't see the waveform in the individual parts (see pic) -which means I have no idea if the grid is right & where to put cues.

The weirdest thing is that they show up for a milisecond when loading or moving the cursor on the track... so they are there... just not showing.

I'd be super grateful if someone could help with getting StemCreator to work for Mac - or alternatiively get them to show up when I export it directly


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    Try (re-)analyzing the stem track before loading it into a deck.

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