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I have a license for Noire. Can I buy a second license (so I can use it on more devices or transfer it to a friend later) or would I need a second account for that?

I am worried that if I were to buy Noire again that I would still only have one license in my account.



  • Studiowaves
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    I wouldn't do it, Just have your friend buy it. It may cause confusion to someone, someday.

  • PoorFellow
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    As far as I know then you are allowed to use your N.I. software on up to three of your own computers provided that you are only using one computer at a time and NOT simultaneously !

    Otherwise , I concur with Studiowaves that you ought to get a separate license for your friend. Or if you want to use software on more computers of your own simultaneously then open a second account and use that. I think that the way that Native Access works then it will only create problems if trying to run same log-in account on more computers simultaneously !

    But if you have any doubt regarding license configurations and use then it is always best to contact support and ask them ! Account & Registration support is here :

    Ref. : Quote : END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT , section : 3.3

    Licensee may install and personally use the licensed software on three devices (e.g. one computer, one laptop, one workstation), provided that the said software is used only on one device regularly. Simultaneous use on more than one hardware device is not permitted. The Products may not be used on a network by multiple users, unless each user possesses a license. In case Licensee changes the hardware, all software on the hardware used must be deleted.

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