Hi. Anyone know how to speed up getting my account fixed? I get checkout errors. Ticket raised.

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I am one of the unlucky people who need my account fixed to buy anything on NI website. Anyone know the tech people ? I get checkout errors, my basket does not work etc I have raised a ticket but no solution yet. I urgently need it fixed to get the sales prices before the new year.

I could start a new account but I would not get the crossgrade deals.


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    Native Instruments site is working well, with no such errors.

    So, the problem is on your side. Maybe is your browser, your internet settings, your level of security, some wrong configurations, your VPN if you use, some wrong, manually added options to your Adbocker etc... too many reasons.

    The Support team will answer to you, however, they have to deal with, maybe thousands requests and it's almost Christmas... i don't think that anyone can speed up the process, because as you understand, if they have 1000 requests before yours, they can not "jump" other users...

  • SimonJay
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    Thanks for the response. However I am a software developer myself. The error is not on my side. It has happened to a few account holders before and the cases can be found on a Web search. It is related to some unusual account settings due to the history of the account. The cyber sale is on until 15th Jan so hopefully they can fix it by then.

  • SimonJay
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    In case anyone else has a similar issue, they said there was a problem with the backend and the adjusted my profile. All ìs now working fine.

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