Libraries missing, "Kontakt 7 available"

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Bought Komplete 14 and installed it. All libraries are updated/scanned. All latest version updated and no library errors in NI.

Komplete Kontrol version 3.1.0

Kontakt 6 player version 6.8.0

Kontakt 7 version 7.7.3

My problem is that when I open Kontakt 7 standalone (From desktop shortcut) I'm able to see all libraries from Komplete 14 package but when I open Maschine->Kontakt 7 I'm able to see just 11 libraries. See photo.

When I open Maschine->Kontakt (not 7) I'm able to see all the libraries but some of them says that my Kontakt version is too old. At the same time if I open Kontakt standalone (from desktop shortcut) or Kontakt from Maschine's interface it says on the right top corner that "Kontakt 7 available". See photo.

That directs me to Native Instruments webpage which tells me to buy Kontakt 7 Full version which is already bought and installed with Komplete 14.

For what possible reason could it be that Kontakt 7 opened from Maschine cannot see all the libraries but standalone Kontakt 7 can. Need some help..

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