Autogrow stops growing after note change

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Hi friends! While recording in an autogrow pattern with Korg Wavestation I can't have it to keep growing. Anytime I press a second note, it just stops growing and starts looping.

May it it have to do with the VST sending an "All notes off" MIDI Message whenever I press a new key? I just cannot figure out why, or how can I make it work.




  • kamikaze1980
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    I just tested this on my windows 11. I have not updated to the most current maschine. So I’m on 2.17.4. And wavestation v 2.4.0. On my set up maschine “grow pattern while recording” works as it should.

  • Rilkecat
    Rilkecat Member Posts: 44 Helper
    edited December 2023

    Thanks for testing, Kamikaze1980 :) I tried creating a new project and also works fine.

    Back to this project, I have a 3 bar loop at Group A (Sampler) and Wavestation is at Group B. Tried deleting group A and auto-grow works fine. I'm totally puzzled. 🤔

    UPDATE: There was another muted Wavestation at Group A, assigned to the same external MIDI Input as Group's B Wavestation. I tried switching it's MIDI input to Default, and now autogrow at B works fine. 🤷‍♂️ ❓️❓️❓️

    So, things work. Though the "puzzled" feeling persists: this bug or error or whatever just took me out of the workflow, spent 1 hr. testing different things to fix it, writing here, etc. (Grrr)

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