Pro Tools Crashing When Booting up / Finding Massive X

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Hey all,

New here! I have just made the jump from Logic to Pro Tools for a potential new job. I install it fine on my machine - when it loads, Massive X causes it to crash (see below). I have searched high and low on my machine for any files no matter how small that might be related to 'Massive X' but am falling flat. Any ideas how I can completely remove it from my system?




  • Jeremy_NI
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    Hey @TLATWuk I'm afraid your computer might not be compatible, If it's a Mac Pro from 2009, it could be that it is not AVX compatible: MASSIVE X Requires AVX Compatible Processor

    THe fastest way to find out is to open Komplete Kontrol in standalone and check if it shows this here:

  • TLATWuk
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    Thanks, Jeremy!

    I managed to actually delete the plug in, it was buried somewhere and now it loads beautifully! Thanks for your help

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