Upcoming summer of sound 2022 sale.

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ive heard heaps about the summer of sound sale in June but I’ve never been able to take advantage of the sale. This will probably be the first year I might finally be able to jump on the sale.

I’m hoping to upgrade komplete kontrol 13 select to ultimate for 50% off like I heard they’ve done in the past. Will that most likely be the case when the sale comes around? Or do you think they won’t offer 50% off on upgrade prices?

Thanks :)



  • Matt_NI
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    Very early start on this discussion 😂

    I'll just give a quick disclaimer here like I do every time but we have no way to predict what sales will be available and when. Summer of Sound is definitely a thing but we also tweaked seasonal sales in the past.

  • Kubrak
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    Yes things are like Matt said. There used to be 50% discount on upgrades in June and December as far as I remember (many years).... But the pattern has not been followed in December 2021 and discount was somewhat lower...

    There is new owner of the company, so things may be changing. I still think there will be Summer Sale, but if 50% or less it is hard to say. Still, I would expect discount at least 30%.

  • Tony Jones
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    There might also be a new version of Komplete (autumn?) and that will also change sales on bundles.

    Historically there were a lot of 50% sales (including last year), but later in the year only 40% on bundles when I had the budget for the 50% sale!

    Given the world economy lower discounts might not be a surprise. It's a shame Komplete is all or nothing (hence the name!), as I'd be very happy for some subset bundles, though I imagine it's too much hassle to manage at NI

  • stacywithadollasign
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    Thanks for the info guys :)

    I'll keep my eye out!

  • Murat Kayi
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    Did the 50% sale happen when Komplete 13 was introduced? I can't remember atm. I reckon this year might give us Komplete N+1 and I very much want that, so I don't know if I should hop on a summer sale or wait til Komplete updates...*sigh

  • Kubrak
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    No. The regular pattern used to be that at time of the first possibility to upgrade to new version of komplete 50% Sale for new version was skipped. But it was possible to buy upgrade to older version.

    The first chance to buy Upgrade to latest version used to be about 9 months after release.


    Release of Kx- September

    first Sale - December - no Sale for Kx

    second Sale - June - first chance to buy discounted upgrade to Kx

  • Murat Kayi
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    The thrill then is that during summer sale you don't know if there will be a new version of Komplete two months later. Damn

  • Kubrak
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    I think there will be. At least if 2 year's pattern of releases keeps on.

  • G.B.
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    Looks like I don't have to post this question myself! lol :)

    If it's not 50% off... it's just not right... :)

  • G.B.
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    So are keyboards (and Maschine) discounted some as well during these sales in June and December...?

  • Kaiwan_NI
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    @G.B. Sometimes there's a discount for a hardware & software bundle

  • G.B.
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    I'm hoping so... I guess we will find out in 2 months...

    If it's 50% off software and a discount on the hardware when bundled too - I will be looking at the S88 MK2, Maschine MK3, and then 13 Ultimate Collectors Edition - not sure the best way to do it to get the best pricing with upgrades, etc...

    If not, well, will wait until December to see what that brings.

  • Kubrak
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    But, last December it was not 50%. And if K14 will come in September/October, there will not be Sale for K14 Upgrades in December at all.

    IMHO, it is to use this summer Sale (and have K13) or next (2023) summer Sale (and have possibly K14)...

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