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Does anyone have any info on why gift cards are not available in the UK? i.e. for what reason? And were they ever? Or, has there been any mention that they will be in the future?


  • RVJ84
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    Is that article not explicitly about gift cards given by a company, to their employees? Rather than ones that a consumer can purchase?

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    I don't have the slightest idea. I never used gift cards and to be honest i have no idea what exactly they are for (i am between a type of debit/credit cards and old traditional post cards).

    I only answered because your question is so far away from the stuff we usually talk here, and i thought that nobody would ever answer to you. So, out of politeness, i gave it a try and google your question and this link was the most relative i found. :-)

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    Oh OK, thanks.

    Sorry if I posted it in the wrong place. For some reason, when I was posting the question, it wouldn't let me select some of the categories that it would have been more suited to. Social Club was the most generic one it would let me choose. I did contact support about this last week, but there's been no response, so I thought I'd try my luck on here.

    I do appreciate the attempt at trying to answer it for me 🙂

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    You posted in the correct place and your question is perfectly valid for the forums.

    Personally, I was not even aware NI offered any gift card options but no doubt you have the info from this page:

    I'm not about to try and help by googling specifically why it is not available in the UK, that is kind of irrelevant to the fact it cannot be used in the UK, just there would be some kind of reason it is not, like some countries (such as Turkey) that do not allow paypal at all. Just comes down to usually the tax laws of a country.

    Short answer is simply, if country is not listed on that page, either just buy something for someone and send the serial to them to register it or look at maybe a nice pair of socks as a present instead.

  • RVJ84
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    Yes, it was kind of just a pointless attempt at understanding why, rather than finding a way of getting round it.

    I was hoping to be the one receiving the gift card, as opposed to using it as a present for someone else. And I'm not really keen to be the one receiving a nice pair of new socks! Especially not in place of some NI goodies 😄

    I'm in a long, drawn-out battle to get my PayPal account back using the help of an independent review from the Financial Ombudsman Service. So, I was just looking for other means of being able to receive payments, when selling some of my VSTs. As I had some NI stuff on my current wish-list, I thought gift cards would be a good solution, but I guess not.

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