MIC on Traktor kontrol S3


I would like to know why the live input of the microphone is delayed? I use the kontrol S3 and Traktor 3 Pro.

Is it because of the processing power? Or is it because the software controls it? Can this be adjusted?


Dj Twister


  • Sunborn
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    edited December 2023


    The only reason for this is your audio latency setting.

    For a more precise answer please provide much more details, which drivers you are using and what are their settings.

  • lord-carlos
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    Pretty sure it's just how it is on the s3 and s4. The delay is very noticeable.

    Goes into the device, to traktor, into a deck (or AUX) and back to the device to the speaker :/

    When you send it to AUX and not a deck it's mildely faster. I doubt the latency settings has much influence, but worth a try.

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