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I changed my harddrive and reinstalled everything - so no cloning. Everything was done from scratch including my Windows 10.

I installed my Komplete 7 and Kore 2 like I did many times from DVD to get the legacy programs running. Then I installed Native Access, like I did many times before also.

Logging in brings up all my software but the legacies. And offers updates to many, which can be applied successfully.

Now I am up2date with everything but opening a program asks me to buy or activate via Native Access. Selecting the activation through Native access switches to the program itself. But nothing happens and the request for activation remains.

I ve started Native Access by using "Run as Admin" but this did not change anything.

I was looking into this issue but it did not apply to my problem as I am using this computer since several years and all that was changed was the harddrive - from a small SSD to a bigger SSD. -> Link Native instruments activation problem when logical cores are enabled in bios. — Community (

Any thoughts? I know - my version is very old. But first of all it was running all the years without a problem using the same installation process. As I am an IT guy I guess I know what I have done so far. Second, I was in bigger troubles for a longer time and I am still fine with Komplete 7 and not able to upgrade yet.

Please try to support with the config running Komplete 7. I really need it back in my life. :-)

Thank you very much in advance! :-)


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    Since you are not being specific with respect to programs in question then I have no idea if the following apples to your situation : Service Center and Legacy Products End of Life :

    Else you can get in contact with N.I. Install support here:

    Also , if you want to upgrade then you are in luck since there is a sale going on ! :

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    Pretty sure Kore 2 can't be activated now unfortunately. It's likely that a lot of the older stuff in Komplete 7 is the same since NI migrated to Native Access 2. Not sure if the older version of Native Access still works for this or not but it might be worth a try.

    -- Mike

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    You'll have to install Native Access 1 to install the legacy stuff first... then install Native Access 2 to install the most recent products next.

    I have Komplete 8 (DVDs) ... installed Native Access 1 first, then Installed Native Access 2 for Komplete 14 (which I'm debating on uninstalling if they can't fix the activation issues I have with it)... meaning It asks me to activate it every 30-60 days on a computer that I don't hardly use the internet with.

    Like I said before... Komplete 14 upgrade ... you loose a lot of great instruments on upgrade (so keep your old version). I use Kontakt 5 full version as much as I can as it is the best Kontakt ever made. I hardly ever use Kontakt 7 unless I need to use an updated instrument.

    The asking of activation every 30-60 days is a Komplete headache!

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